Matrix Exposed – Where Television Really Comes From

Matrix Exposed – Where Television Really Comes From

Here’s another excellent video by David Bass (RSE)

Often as I’ve often walked my dogs in the evening, I notice the flicker of television sets from all the houses in my neighborhood and I get an awful, eerie feeling that this is far too much control for anyone to have over so incredibly many people (virtually every single home in the country!?)

With most completely unaware of sociological studies and just how easy it is to control the human mind and fewer yet aware that the scientists who performed the torturous experiments in the Nazi Concentration camps were brought as free men to US soil. Why? Because America wanted to give them a chance to live nice lives and raise happy families? What – are you kidding me? No! These evil men were paid to come here to continue what they started: Mind control – on multiple levels: Satanic control of the masses on all imaginable platforms. Satanic? Yes! The Nazi’s were Satanists! If you doubt me just do a little research of your own. But what’s all this got to do with television? Only that it’s the biggest, one-size-fits-all programmable box sitting in absolutely everyone’s living room.

Aw’ C’mon Yvonne, lighten up! It’s just TV! We can use it for good! Look at all those great Christian programs (“programs”?) People! – get a clue! TBN is inundated with false doctrine, and some of your TV Gospel heroes are deceptive to the core, sold out to money and even satan himself. (I’ll write more to back that up that in another post) But once you really see this it becomes so glaringly apparent.

I’m with David Bass:

Tell me: What’s the difference between bowing down to an altar and sitting in front of your television believing everything that it says?

I actually that I still do watch TV. And maybe I shouldn’t. I suppose I justify it in saying that I watch it with my eyes open to the subliminal messages it’s continually sending out. Am I naive and is it affecting me in ways that I’m not aware of? That’s entirely possible. I’m sure we’re best off to minimize our viewing, or better yet, to just find something better to do altogether.


  1. Tracye B. says:

    This article is absolutely true – TV is based on pedictive programming meant to mold and shape people’s thoughts, behaviors, spending patterns, morals and values…. Most children and adults watch far too much TV and waste so much time in front of the box… Family time is watching TV together now? While no one talks to each other, other than comments about the show. People don’t read enough anymore either… The dumbing down of America has been completely easy with all the sports and entertainment alternatives. I personally do watch a little TV but only things I find educational/informative or good clean “fun” such as a travel show, a home improvement show, etc., international news on OAN (One America News) only – all the other “news” channels are government/NWO controlled news. Limit TV to one hour a day and see how much more productive time you have! Your mind, body and spirit will thank you!!

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